CLMOOC Does DIGIWRIMO: S L O W Chat Observations

CLMOOC’s official make-a-thon may have come to a close after the summer, but connections have stayed alive in the G+ and Facebook communities. An now there’s the CLMOOC Popup. As one of CLMOOC noble (and somewhat anonymous) instigators leaders writes, “The notion of Pop-Up Make Cycles is that they pop up suddenly, do their thing (and invite you to do your thing, so we can […]

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Hacking a Construction Site

I had a meeting in Manhattan yesterday. It was a great autumn day to stroll along West 122nd St. Naturally, there’s ongoing construction; I passed the pit where an apartment building once stood. Workers were busily erecting the large board fences to keep gawkers and other nefarious people out. The dark green boards were pristine except for the stenciled white command to “Post No Bills.” The […]

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Whoops, I did it again: A new conversation on “digital writing”

These conversations creep up when I least expect them. Last night, it was in a car on the way back from a bike ride down the west side of  Manhattan and back up the Jersey side of the Hudson. Included was cruising across the  George Washington Bridge and an excellent ferry ride. Then came the traffic on the way home. Talk turned to work-related stuff, and […]

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Composing vs. “Digital Writing”

I’ve had a couple of crappy days this week, so when it looked like things might be easing last night, I found myself sitting at my desk, itching to make something. Let me be more specific. I found myself craving the experience of being immersed in the process of creating something. Of composing. It used to be that I would turn to writing when I […]

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Does “Digital Writing” Exist?

Introduction This post is dangerous. It calls into question some of the ideas behind growing interest in teaching writing using digital tools, specifically the notion that something called “digital writing” exists. The post is also highly ironic in that I am in the middle of planning a session with Rick Kreinberg for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing (4TDW– you can find the schedule here) and I am very […]

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CLMOOC as Metaphor

For the first time since I entered kindergarten, I am officially unaffiliated with any educational institution. I’m no longer a student, teacher, supervisor, teacher educator, parent, volunteer, or whatever other role you can think of. My lack of official affiliation may be why I dove into CLMOOC 2016 with such gusto. Not that I produced many artifacts that crossed modes or mixed others’ work, but I thought […]

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Celebrating CLMOOC Connections

CLMOOC 2016 has sped by. This third week has been devoted to celebrating connections. Things on the G+ community seem to have continued as usual, with all kinds of creations being put forth and played with. As well, there have been some reflections about connections different folks have made and appreciated. What strikes me about CLMOOC is its fluid, ongoing nature. People waft in and […]

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Remix Redux: Thoughts During #CLMOOC Break

It’s break week at CLMOOC, a great chance to take stock of what I’ve been thinking about. Turns out it’s a lot. Review So much great discussion took place after the CLMOOC Remix activity last week. There were active Twitter discussions that spilled into the Thursday Twitter chat (curated here) blog posts (mine, Susan van Gelder’s, Kevin Hodgson’s, and probably others I missed), and @NomadWarMachine’s Storify that summed up […]

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Pondering Remix: A #CLMOOC Reflection

This is Make Cycle #2 in the summer 2016 CLMOOC experience. The theme is connecting through reciprocation and appreciation of one another’s work, artistry, humanity, trials & errors, etc. “Everyone wants an encouraging audience for their work! How do we actively “listen” to others in digital spaces? How can we invite more connections? How can you honor the work of another? How can you show that […]

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