Conflicts of Interest? [Sigh]

In the dream world of Arne Duncan et. al., it’s possible to measure learning because learning =  Important Stuff You Know and the  number of Important Things can be counted. All you have to do is look on sheets of paper to see how many black dots are in the correct rows.

And don’t worry superintendents and principals– there are plenty of materials to help you make sure teachers know what the Right Things are!

Look! We’ve written pages of Things that teachers can read out loud in their classes! That way, teachers won’t even have to think! You can rest easy, knowing that the Right Things will be covered!

Best of all, you can count on all the materials because they are Aligned with The Standards tests!

You see, we Care about our children! We don’t want anyone to be left behind!

From the November 2, 2009 Education Week article: “Conflict of Interest Arises as Concern in Standards Push”

A respected literacy-research organization is asking that a process be put in place to make more transparent potential conflicts of interest that writers of the common national academic standards might have, and to address them.

The Literacy Research Association sent a letter Oct. 21 to the groups overseeing the development of common standards that, among other points, expresses concern that many of the authors are “representatives of multiple commercial entities that stand to profit enormously from selling curricula, instructional materials, assessments, and consultancies as the standards are rolled out.”

One response to “Conflicts of Interest? [Sigh]”

  1. Teresa Bunner says:

    My proposal to my district:

    Do NOT spend money on test prep, I mean, standard aligned materials. I have enough crap sitting around as it is. Instead, please allow me to spend the money in the following ways…

    1. High interest books for my students
    2. Conference registration for NCTE, IRA and any other conferences I find that demonstrate they will invigorate me, educate me and allow me access to amazing, well-educated individuals who know more about education than many of you.

    A Damn Good Teacher who will get results with Kids with no conflict of interest involved

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