New Year’s Revolutions

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Isn’t that the purpose of resolutions– to spark change? And not just any change. No, in our heart of hearts, we yearn, secretly, for the impossible.

My husband, just back from the gym, reported it was crowded beyond belief. “It’s all the New Year’s resolution-ers,” I told him. “Give it five or six weeks and the place will be back to normal.”

Too often the yearning comes wrapped in a fantasy about what it will take. To lose 50 pounds without having to change the way you eat. To run a marathon when you have yet to run around the block.

So many of us– teachers, administrators, parents, students– yearn for change, dramatic lasting change, in the ways we see and do schooling. And for so many, it seems this yearning comes wrapped in the certainty that infusing technology into schools and curricula is The Way to this change.

It may well be. But without some reflection on the affordances of technology and the challenges these pose to basic assumptions about schooling, I’m convinced that technology-rich education is going to be the same old thing, just with fancy gadgets.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I really agree with you on this one. A lot of people do really want to see change, but only want to change surface things. I agree that we need to look at what would help make lasting change. This definitely goes beyond technology.

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