All Hands on Deck

Your Mouth Is Moving But All I Hear Is….

[Rant Alert] I’m about 15 pages away from fulfilling my academic obligations for the spring semester.  (Yes, I realize it’s June. I have reasons. Just ask my Esteemed Advisor.) But I have to get a few things off my chest before I can finish the paper. I spent hours this past semester reading hundreds of pages of curriculum theorizing. Many of these were written by […]

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Me and the Boys from Bangalore

I was hours away from finishing the final qualifying paper, AKA comps, for my doctoral program. It was 10:30 p.m. and if I stuck with it, I could get the citations done before dawn. I was working on a big, graphic-heavy document and Word was acting finicky– I’d started getting messages that my disk was running out of space, which was pretty much impossible, I […]

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The Knife-Edge of Praxis

You can tell we’re entering crunch time in the semester; more of us are closing the library at night and I’ve taken to packing a power strip when I head in for the day– it’s hard to believe there are not enough outlets for a table of six earnest (panicking?) grad students. My current mission is a short paper due tonight, for my class in […]

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It’s the WRITING, Stupid.

When Bill Clinton ran for office, his advisors hammered home the importance of staying on point. For the campaign workers, for the brilliant candidate who could get tangled in the nuances of complex ideas, for the voters at that time in the nation’s life, there was one point, and one point only: It’s the economy, stupid. Here we are, many years later. Now it is […]

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Take Care of Our Kids

Today I learned that three young people died in our town over the weekend. One, a 19 year old young man, was a suicide. The other young man and woman who died were in their early twenties. The cause of their deaths isn’t officially known yet; the young woman’s mother found them at home with heroin paraphernalia scattered around the room. “We have some serious […]

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Holy Digital Footprint, Batman!

I’ve always taken for granted the idea that each of us has a digital footprint that lingers long after we’ve moved on. I once read a comment by dana boyd, where, thinking about a time she was asked if she regrets having online so much of her teen-age blogging, she wrote that she didn’t. It was a part of her past, and why should she […]

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When I Decided to Unplug

Part 1  Going Deep I went cold turkey. Just, went onto Twitter & announced a week of being unplugged, didn’t blog or check email, logged into Facebook only once, to leave a message for my mother that I’d arrived safely in the land of the golden sun. (O.K., so I also Facebook-whined about the disappointing temperature, but after the pounding New York took this past […]

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Fear-Mongering Is NOT an Instructional Strategy

Room 2001 has some good stuff going on. I know because I spent a little time visiting their blog recently, to learn more about their work with a Fox News meteorologist who was having some trouble with his graphs. The page read, “Last night on Fox 11, the meteorologist presented two graphs to the viewers displaying different sets of data about upcoming weather. Analyze the pictures […]

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Curriculum Theorizing: Everybody Hates an Ivory Tower

Work with me here. I have no idea how I will capture these thoughts in words, at least that make sense. I can start only with a deeply felt sense that I am in trouble. At almost the midpoint of this semester course in curriculum theorizing, all of the following are true: If you were to ask me for a flat-out definition of curriculum theory […]

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