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What’s the Buzz: Collaboration

Buzzwords abound when we talk about teaching and learning in this era of new literacies. Collaboration is one of the big ones. “They” say that the ability to collaborate is one of the essential skills the children in our information-rich, social software-enabled world will need in order to fully participate. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture is one report that offers compelling arguments in support […]

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I didn’t pay her, I swear.

It’s amazing how much life can come up between blog posts. I meant to follow up on a train of thought I started in the post before this, while I was composing a syllabus for the semester that’s now 3 weeks old! Here I am, syllabus devised and in action, my students wonderfully talented and dedicated, and me? I’m back to wrestling with questions about […]

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Walking the Walk into a New Semester

It’s always good to have a new syllabus to write. What better way to nudge oneself into ongoing learning, i.e., practice the self-reflection-into-action that I preach to my students? My semester with students who baffled me on a weekly basis (which I wrote about here, here, and here), started me pondering what I learned, why it matters, and what to do next. I’ll do this […]

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New Year’s Revolutions

Isn’t that the purpose of resolutions– to spark change? And not just any change. No, in our heart of hearts, we yearn, secretly, for the impossible. My husband, just back from the gym, reported it was crowded beyond belief. “It’s all the New Year’s resolution-ers,” I told him. “Give it five or six weeks and the place will be back to normal.” Too often the […]

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A New Way to Look at a Year

January makes us anticipate & reflect. Here’s an interesting way to capture a year. This would be a great activity for a class or school, or two classes or schools from different countries. Visit the 3six5 here

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Best Things December 2009

Rather than make resolutions for 2010, I’ve decided to keep track of the positive things I’ve done for myself each month. I’m doing this  for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a way of tracking progress or seeing a trend in my interests. Second, and maybe most important, it’ll force me to focus on the positive when I get head-down into work on my doctorate […]

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What Can Educators Learn?

A couple of days ago, I retweeted a link to “Developing a 2010 Social Media Strategy,” an entry in Venessa Miemis’ blog Emergent by Design. : A Twitter buddy of mine, @GLAnderson, was kind enough to click thru to the post and respond to me. OK, Gary, here’s my attempt. I’ve been fascinated by the business world’s response to social media. By many accounts, so […]

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Beyond FAIL

So, who failed this past semester? That’s the thought that’s been wandering through my mind. Me, for teaching a couple of classes I didn’t think were great? My students, for being different from previous students? After some reflecting, I’m going to argue for a third perspective. The word fail is so harsh, so final. It feels lousy. It makes it seem like the best option […]

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In a Bubble

I surprised myself a few days ago. Not only did I create an account on a free online journal, I went back the next day and shelled out a whopping $20 for a pro account. The journal site itself,, is nicely done. It’s easy to use and there’s a big emphasis on privacy. But that’s not why I joined, not why I paid for […]

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