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Perspectives on Literacy Late on a Friday

Today a promising exchange about New Literacies broke out on Twitter. I love Twitter, but when you’re talking about the “new” in “New Literacies,” 140 characters just won’t cut it. Yes, something rubs me the wrong way about that phrase.  I remember reading  Ben Grey’s blog post, “Letting Literacy be Literacy” last spring.  Ben’s cogent sentence got a big, “Yes!” out of me as I […]

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An Anniversary Gift for a Colleague

Jen Ansbach, my friend and colleague from New Jersey, wrote this letter to her English department. I support everything she says and encourage you to check out the English Companion Ning. ———- Jen writes: I sent the following letter out to my department and other interested parties, including the media specialist. I also had the ECNing unblocked at school. Feel free to use this information […]

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Giving Thanks for Community

Thanksgiving day was so glorious weather-wise that my husband and I headed out for a long hike. We made a pretty steep climb to the top of a ridge paralleling the Hudson River. Although most people don’t usually pick November as a favorite month, I love how you can see the bones of the earth– the stark outlines of terrain– that show through the bare […]

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Zombies No More (part 3)

Zombies Part 1 Zombies Part 2 To recap In a seminar in writing and teaching nonfiction, I asked my students to develop an instructional plan based on their assessment of a stack of middle school students’ papers. The result? Papers that sounded nothing like the bright, committed young teachers I had come to know; instead,  stiff monotones of edu-babble describing drill-and-kill activities straight out of […]

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Zombie Teacher Bots (Part 2)

from Jose Kevo Continued from “Zombie Teacher Bots“. Not long after, 2 other students appeared at my office door. “So, here’s what I’m hearing about the assignment,” I said. They listened, exchanged glances. After a few seconds, P., with her usual bravado, said,  “Yup. That’s what happened to me.” How do you respond to a statement like this? I’m a fan of transparency in my […]

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Zombie Teacher Bots

“It’s because I’m a lousy teacher,” I announced to my husband as I got ready for bed last night.  He turned to look at me & kept brushing his teeth. “Yep. I’m reading these papers and they’re killing me– killing me, I said– but it serves me right because I’m a lousy teacher.”  I slammed a few drawers to see if it would make me […]

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Google Wave?

In Theory vs. In Practice This certainly sums up my experience thus far…. From Zee Slash Blog

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Today’s Contribution to Student Perceptions of Teacher Reliability re: the Internet

A person could get mighty ticked off about this…. Posted on Twitpic by Alec Couros, November 10, 2009

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Put Down that Baseball Bat NOW!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about my teaching, i.e., not so great. Nothing’s horrible. My students seem to like me; I like them. There’s a nice feeling in our class. They work hard and we’re getting through the stuff they need to know. It’s just…not right. Like any good teacher, my first response to less-than-perfect teaching is to dig out […]

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