Perspectives on Literacy Late on a Friday

Today a promising exchange about New Literacies broke out on Twitter. I love Twitter, but when you’re talking about the “new” in “New Literacies,” 140 characters just won’t cut it.

Yes, something rubs me the wrong way about that phrase.  I remember reading  Ben Grey’s blog post, “Letting Literacy be Literacy” last spring.  Ben’s cogent sentence got a big, “Yes!” out of me as I read: “In my opinion, most often discussions of ‘new literacies’ are really discussions of new skills in applying literacy to new contexts.” (His blog, The Edge of Tomorrow: Standing on the verge of a technologically educational revolution, is well worth a visit.)

But seeing as today is Friday, at the end of a long week, coming into the home stretch of a long semester, the only comment I’m capable of making appears below.


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