Remix Redux: Thoughts During #CLMOOC Break

It’s break week at CLMOOC, a great chance to take stock of what I’ve been thinking about. Turns out it’s a lot.


So much great discussion took place after the CLMOOC Remix activity last week. There were active Twitter discussions that spilled into the Thursday Twitter chat (curated here) blog posts (mine, Susan van Gelder’s, Kevin Hodgson’s, and probably others I missed), and @NomadWarMachine’s Storify that summed up other key points.  Janis Selby Jones  extended the conversation when she added Kirby Ferguson’s TED talk, Embrace the Remixto the G+ community discussion.

Discussions explored plagiarism & what constitutes it, the significance of intention in remixing someone’s work,  questions of who owns work once it’s been released to the public Web, the importance of kindness, the nature of learning as connected and co-constructed, and more.

The View Ahead


Image: CC0 1.0 from

Sheri Edwards’ link to the Creative Commons video Remix (below) pushed me into a new perspective.

The video, by Creative Commons, argues that community, collaboration, and sharing are at the heart of human advancement. These principles, working hand in hand with a global Commons of free and open content, will spark new ideas and solve global challenges. A shared global Commons promises a world that is accessible, equitable, and full of innovation.

In this time of standardized assessments, where an answer is right or wrong, a teacher is good or bad, a schools is passing or failing, we don’t always focus on a bigger picture– we can’t. But thinking about remix  playing with remix as a way toward developing a vibrant Commons,  for the  ultimate purpose of advancing humanity, well, that’s different than talking about plagiarism as a black and white issue. (And yes, that discussion is important too.) There are simply many things we have to figure out along the way, as I think we (I?) discovered last week, and few people I know are comfortable with uncertainty.

My takeaway from CLMOOC weeks 1 & 2 is something I’ve long known in my head. (I’m proof that it is, indeed, a long journey from the head to the heart.)

We make the road by walking and the future by contributing. We make worlds and we multiply Webs that connect them.

We do it together.



Creative Commons: Remix from Creative Commons on Vimeo.


4 responses to “Remix Redux: Thoughts During #CLMOOC Break”

  1. This is at the center, and in the roots, of all that we do in CLMOOC:
    “We make the road by walking and the future by contributing. We make worlds and we multiply Webs that connect them. We do it together.”

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Kevin. In part, I think, I am trying to persuade myself that remixing itself is part of the act of contributing. I think I have a ways to go yet. But I’ll keep writing my way through it. In the meantime, I’m sure playing with CLMOOC will push my remix thinking!

  2. Well said. Thank you.

    Particularly appreciate, “We make the road by walking and the future by contributing. We make worlds and we multiply Webs that connect them.”

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