Is It Any of My Dang (Digital) Business?

The theater lights had blinked, signaling the end of intermission. As people straggled back to their seats, I watched several gather in a row below us in the section to the right. An older man with a waxy face was lying back in his seat, eyes closed, while a woman rubbed his cheeks and forehead and whispered to him. I couldn’t tell if she was […]

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Does “Digital Writing” Exist?

Introduction This post is dangerous. It calls into question some of the ideas behind growing interest in teaching writing using digital tools, specifically the notion that something called “digital writing” exists. The post is also highly ironic in that I am in the middle of planning a session with Rick Kreinberg for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing (4TDW– you can find the schedule here) and I am very […]

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