From Boardroom to Classroom: More Collaboration Buzz

I wouldn’t presume to cross into the world of business & finance  and start telling them how to get their act together. While I mostly don’t value the influx of business perspectives into education,  certain ideas make great metaphors for educators to think about. Evan Rosen’s piece in the February 5 Business Week online edition is one example. Rosen writes about the power of collaboration […]

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What Can Educators Learn?

A couple of days ago, I retweeted a link to “Developing a 2010 Social Media Strategy,” an entry in Venessa Miemis’ blog Emergent by Design. : A Twitter buddy of mine, @GLAnderson, was kind enough to click thru to the post and respond to me. OK, Gary, here’s my attempt. I’ve been fascinated by the business world’s response to social media. By many accounts, so […]

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Inciting disruption

I heard from a colleague yesterday who’s coordinating business sponsors, other digital learning specialists, and in-house tech coordinators to “disrupt” a  school district’s practices by using digital tools. “Disrupt” is the operative term; I’m not exactly sure what this entails in her situation. What’s interesting to me is her comment that Disrupting Class [1. Christensen, C., Horn, M., Johnson, C. (2008). Disrupting Class: How Disruptive […]

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