Action Report #5: Self-Care for the Resistance

It’s been a tough week for action. My husband and I flew to our new city for an inspection on our (we hope) new house the Sunday after the Women’s March on NYC. While we were there, I learned, among other things, that it is hard to call east coast legislators from a west coast time zone– by the time I was ready to call, offices had been […]

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When I Learned I Was White

A week ago, I read Jose Vilson’s Educon 2.3 reflection, “#Educon, Edu-Nerds, Chris Lehmann, and A Slice of Race in the 21st Century”. Jose’s post was a powerful reflection on race, told through an anecdote of a conference session he attended. In that session, a participant commented that inquiry-based learning may be great for some kids, but others might need direct instruction. Chris Lehman, principal […]

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I’ve been interested to read the  range of blogged responses to Educon 2.3, the education conference held at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, from January 28-30. There was excitement, giddiness, a sense of pleasure and relief over returning to the fold or finding oneself among kindred spirits. There were critical posts, and some expressions of hurt and anger. A number of folks, from Liz […]

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In Which an Educon Newbie Reflects

One-Liners & Pithy Questions I Took Away from Sunday Sessions From Daren Kuropatwa & Dean Shareski’s session, “What’s Wrong with this Picture”: Comment on a YouTube video: “I don’t care if this video wasn’t true. It made me happy.” From Dean Shareski & Alec Couros’ session, “The Ethical Obligation to Teach, Learn, & Share Globally”: If there is no sharing, there is no education. Giving […]

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