I Don’t Know How To Teach Literature

I Don’t Know How To Teach Literature

No, that’s not accurate. I can sling the terms around with the best of them: irony, theme, protagonist, point of view…. More difficult, and what I’ve found myself puzzling about over the course of the past week is the question of how I would “teach” kids to tell the difference between literature and its bastard cousins, fiction, popular fiction, or young adult fiction.  One is enjoying a popular resurgence but […]

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Test Prep: Thoughts for a Former Student, Now Teaching

To My Esteemed Student, I’m sure you remember how I insisted there was no secret manual to becoming a teacher. And how I said any talk of what to do had to be grounded in a review of truth, reality, and your own developing pedagogy. (That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But you know how I like that big picture.) So, this is no different, except […]

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