#SOL16: Dogs in the TSA Line

I love when little dogs and their people stand behind me in the TSA line. Especially when their person is holding them. This morning it was Hudson, a sweet mix of poodle and Australian something-or-other. Her little nose was light pink and freckled and she wriggled all over when I rubbed behind her ears. It’s simpler to think about little dogs before this flight. Not […]

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SOL#16: Why Write?

From: The Department of Lucky/Unlucky Re: Backlog of Sentences Dear Madam, It has come to our attention that you have a number of writing projects languishing in folders across the internet, not to mention your computer desktop. We have one question for you: What do you think you are doing? Sincerely. ___________________ From: The blog of Karen A. LaBonté To: The Department of etc. Re: […]

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#SOL16: Are You A Caller or a Call-ee?

This post is a fine example of Nitpickery and possibly Small-mindedness. Nonetheless, every word is true & I’d be lying if I said otherwise. “Let’s get together!” “Let’s have coffee!” “Lunch soon, OK?” “Can’t wait to hear what’s happening!” Recently I realized that every time somebody says this to me, I am the one calls, organizes, reaches out, and listens. Maybe there’s some etiquette I don’t know […]

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In the After(math) of the Election

My rules for SOL posts are simple: open a new post on my blog, see what comes up, and write. What I wrote last week about the election of November 8 is still true. I imagine it will be for some time. So forgive me if I cast around for a subject today. But maybe not. Life has suddenly been divided into two categories: Before and […]

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#SOL16: Small-Town Afternoon

There is no bookstore. No movie theater. There used to be three grocery stores, but two closed. We have that New York staple, a diner, that stays open ’til 2 a.m. on Saturdays, any number of delis, and a bagel store. Otherwise your dinner choices run to pizza, Italian, or Chinese. It’s not unusual for people to commute to work in New York City; many others […]

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#SOL16: Nightlight

It was a beautiful today today and go figure, for the life of me I can’t explain why I felt so bleak. I think it’s the cumulative effect of the hate, mistrust, and fear that seem to permeate even the air outdoors. People care passionately about the election but nobody seems to feel safe talking about it. When I got my hair cut Sunday, my […]

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#SOL16 How Moist Is Moist Enough?

There are currently six hoses snaking across the front and back yards of our house. It is October and I thought the growing season was long gone, but recently my husband had someone reseed the lawn. In the information the lawn guys looped around the doorknob (with the bill) were instructions. “The soil must be kept moist at all times until the seed germinates,” said […]

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#SOL16: Taking Stock

I can’t remember the last time I took stock of my life. My most profound moments of reflection tend to come when I’m driving. Since I live 20-30 minutes from anywhere, this is probably not a bad thing. In terms of productive action, however, who can remember what you were thinking about five minutes after parking? Sometimes it’s the process of thinking that is inherently […]

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