#SOL17: “In a house of this age….”

My husband and I spent about five hours yesterday in the inspection of a 90 year-old house, the house we are hoping to buy to begin the next part of our life adventure. If we heard it once, we heard it a dozen times: “In house of this age…”; “In a house this old….”; “It’s what you would expect in a house…” etc. The house is yellow […]

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#SOL17: Talk Less

“Talk less. Smile more….” For those of you not as obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton as I’ve been, this is the advice Aaron Burr gives Hamilton early in the play. I’m not giving anything away if I say this advice doesn’t work out so well for Burr in the end. But it is good advice for me, in this hour, on this day. Silence is a way […]

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#SOL17: Can You Hear Me Now?

Every gym has its own culture. Here, in this northwest city where my husband and I will soon resettle, we signed up for a trial two-week gym membership near our Airbnb. My view of the gym’s culture came into focus from the seat of my stationary bike. Sometimes it seems like a young city. Portland, I mean. Maybe it’s that our daughter lives here and we’ve come […]

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