Your Mouth Is Moving But All I Hear Is….

[Rant Alert] I’m about 15 pages away from fulfilling my academic obligations for the spring semester.  (Yes, I realize it’s June. I have reasons. Just ask my Esteemed Advisor.) But I have to get a few things off my chest before I can finish the paper. I spent hours this past semester reading hundreds of pages of curriculum theorizing. Many of these were written by […]

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The Knife-Edge of Praxis

You can tell we’re entering crunch time in the semester; more of us are closing the library at night and I’ve taken to packing a power strip when I head in for the day– it’s hard to believe there are not enough outlets for a table of six earnest (panicking?) grad students. My current mission is a short paper due tonight, for my class in […]

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Curriculum Theorizing: Everybody Hates an Ivory Tower

Work with me here. I have no idea how I will capture these thoughts in words, at least that make sense. I can start only with a deeply felt sense that I am in trouble. At almost the midpoint of this semester course in curriculum theorizing, all of the following are true: If you were to ask me for a flat-out definition of curriculum theory […]

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