Writing My Life

What with the recent National Day of Writing and my participation in the P2PU learning lab in Writing & the Common Core, there’s been a lot of urging for folks to write, publicly and often. I started musing about writing in my life and thought I’d take my musing here. I feel like I write constantly: hours a day on my dissertation proposal, email, tweets, […]

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Goldilocks and the 3 MOOCs

Right now, I’m participating on various levels in three MOOCs: #Change 11, facilitated by Siemens, Cormier & Downes, Alec Couros’ EC&I 831, and Bud Hunt’s Writing & the Common Core on P2PU. This experience is a little like being Goldilocks in the MOOC version of the fairy tale. There’s the Daddy-size MOOC (#Change 11), a Mama-size MOOC  (EC&I 831), and a Baby MOOC (P2PU) and […]

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Google Docs: Not just documents any more

I “meet” regularly with a fellow doc student to share writing and give and receive feedback. Yesterday, I uploaded her piece into GDocs and commented there. When our call took place, we went to the doc and referred to it throughout our conversation. Suddenly the entire tenor of our conversation shifted. It was no longer just two people looking at feedback on Word documents that […]

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Thinking about Writing in a Digital Age

In June, Darren Draper blogged about Will Richardson’s switch from a traditional blog to Tumblr. Darren conjectured that we might be entering a new phase in educational blogging, toward platforms like Tumblr and Posterous that support shorter, more spontaneous writing. Darren wondered whether this indicates a trend away from the thoughtful, in-depth writing that has been common in traditional blogs, and whether such movement ultimately […]

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It’s the WRITING, Stupid.

When Bill Clinton ran for office, his advisors hammered home the importance of staying on point. For the campaign workers, for the brilliant candidate who could get tangled in the nuances of complex ideas, for the voters at that time in the nation’s life, there was one point, and one point only: It’s the economy, stupid. Here we are, many years later. Now it is […]

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In a Bubble

I surprised myself a few days ago. Not only did I create an account on a free online journal, I went back the next day and shelled out a whopping $20 for a pro account. The journal site itself, Penzu.com, is nicely done. It’s easy to use and there’s a big emphasis on privacy. But that’s not why I joined, not why I paid for […]

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Zombie Teacher Bots

“It’s because I’m a lousy teacher,” I announced to my husband as I got ready for bed last night.  He turned to look at me & kept brushing his teeth. “Yep. I’m reading these papers and they’re killing me– killing me, I said– but it serves me right because I’m a lousy teacher.”  I slammed a few drawers to see if it would make me […]

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Welcome to the blog

Years ago, when I first told people I wanted to teach, they looked at me as though I’d told them a flying saucer had landed in my backyard. Nonetheless, I taught 12th grade English for a long time, then took time away to write and have a family. Currently, I teach M.A. students in an English teacher education/certification program as I chip away at a […]

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