Zombie Teacher Bots (Part 2)

from Jose Kevo
from Jose Kevo
Continued from “Zombie Teacher Bots“.

Not long after, 2 other students appeared at my office door. “So, here’s what I’m hearing about the assignment,” I said. They listened, exchanged glances.

After a few seconds, P., with her usual bravado, said,  “Yup. That’s what happened to me.”

How do you respond to a statement like this? I’m a fan of transparency in my teaching; how else to students learn they can’t be perfect if not for the example of an imperfect teacher who tries to model reflective practice along the way?

Did they know how miserable my past two week had been, I asked. How dramatically their writing had changed? How their lesson ideas had nothing to do with the philosophies they espoused in their rationales?

P. took the pragmatic approach in her response. “We’re going to have to do them over,” she said with an exaggerated sigh.

But A. flushed. I could tell she wasn’t used to talking with a teacher in this way. “I don’t want you to read my paper,” she said. “There’s not one thing in the whole plan I would do in my classroom.”

Fine by me. I’d already spent far too much time on the papers.

“So, rewrite them?” P. said.

What would the point of that be? No, I told her. We’d be talking about it in class.

“Ooh, everybody froze?” said P.

“In class, ”  I repeated, even though I wasn’t quite sure of what we’d do, or how.

to be continued