From the Connected Courses hub, a Make for week 3: From one of the suggested reading/viewing texts, find a passage that grabs you in some way, and explore it with an eye to making it richly meaningful. I clipped much  of the text from the descriptions of Units 1, 2, &3 on the Connected Courses Website & created a word cloud: Created with While […]

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Talkin’ Trust

I’ve felt oddly disconnected from the resources-rich exploration of trust that’s taken place over the past weeks, and not just because I was away for half of it. In this post, I want to try to better understand my own ambivalence about the trust talk.  There are lots of chunks to this that seem related to me– maybe I’ll even be able to articulate some […]

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I’m ba-ack…and a little lost

I went off the grid for a week to visit family and watch my amazing daughter run a marathon. My online life involved checking email twice a day and posting pictures on FaceBook for other family members– I vigilantly use the post-by-post options to control who can see what, BTW, and have very few professional connections there. I suppose that’s another post. No Twitter, no […]

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The Quest in the Quest-ions

How do you create a life -altering course, or at least, the opportunities for transformative  moments? How do you quantify the learning in such a course, student’s or teacher’s? These are the questions and aims I heard in Monday’s session with Mimi Ito, Vera Michalchik, and Bill Penuel. I had hoped I could watch the session as I did some of those life-tasks that can’t […]

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The Believing-ness of Why

I am a teacher educator. Because I’m a doc student and our certification program is a Master’s level Teaching of English (high school writing and literature) program, I can be teaching people who are already in their own classrooms, or people who have never taught but will leave our program and begin teaching. One of my super-favorite courses to teach is Literacies and Technologies in the […]

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Kool-Aid & the Worlds Online

Terry Elliott’s post of 9/18, Outsiders in Academe: Iconoclasty 101, got me thinking, so much so that when I left a comment on his post, I realized it was probably more appropriate as a post for my blog. I’ve added a few things for clarity, but what appears below is for the most part what I wrote to him. ————————- Terry wrote “In his latest book, […]

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