Why I Teach

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Rant Alert: Problems with Internet Access Are Mental Too

I was in a meeting today about a youth program I’m helping develop. I needed to take some notes, so I pulled out my phone, brought up my favorite note-taking app, and starting typing away. Somebody leaned over and smirked, “That’s right, practice being a role model for the kids.” I went from calm to infuriated in about two seconds. I had to leave the meeting […]

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What Is Connected Learning, Anyway?

Connected Learning? Connected Learning is a term that is bandied about in all kinds of contexts. The more research I do in the area of the Web and its relationship to teaching & learning, the more I see that the concepts associated with the terms often refer to different things. In my area, English Education, for example, several terms appear to be used almost interchangeably: […]

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Coming Clean: What I Wonder About MOOCs

I’m enjoying reading blog posts about people’s open classrooms, how they’re using technologies in their classes, how the technologies are supporting all kinds of new connections. I like seeing the kinds of things people are learning and questioning about teaching in higher ed. I’m enjoying seeing the enthusiasm for Connected Courses on Twitter. But, I wonder sometimes, about things like how the excited reunions on […]

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Straddling Multiple Worlds in a MOOC

I’ve done it. I’ve signed up for Connected Courses, mapped my blog to my own domain (and paid the $), downloaded WordPress, and added my blog to the syndicated list. I must be out of my mind. Why, you ask? Here’s the list. I’m writing my dissertation and planning to Be Done this year. The title, Breaking Open the Wor(l)d: New Literacies, the World Wide Web, […]

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Fire Up the Typer

  I’m pulling the blog out of hibernation in order to participate in Connected Courses, “a collaborative community of faculty in higher education developing networked, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web.” Already I am appreciating the clear layout of the topics (dare I say syllabus?) and the pre-course session that rolled out today. The course has inspired […]

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