Notes from the Holy Wars: Bitmoji, Zoom, & Other Longings

When is a Twitter battle about Bitmoji Classroom like church unrest about worship via Zoom? This is the unlikely question that came to me recently, as I scrolled through my Twitter list of educators. The #BitmojiClassroom Wars I was taking a breather from news of the Portland protests. For 60+ days, the Portland pro-#BLM and anti-federal protests have woven an intense and terrifying narrative, punctuated […]

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Plodding and Racing, Simultaneously

No, the theme for the new programmatic year won’t be a beloved community, at least, not by conscious design. “Beloved Community” was seen as a potential co-optation of Martin Luther King’s vision. Also problematic for some was the deep emphasis on nonviolent protest and action, which was not the intention of the general idea of environmental and human justice that had been proposed. Several of […]

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A Nice Day for Cyber Crime

At about 11:30 a.m. yesterday, an email from a church member landed in my inbox. “Karen, this is the third of emails from ‘Daniel.’ I am certain it is a fraud and will not communicate further.” Daniel*, a pastor of the church, had apparently sent an email requesting help for some women in a local hospital. The email read, Thank you, I would be glad […]

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