HyperDocs and the Dilemma of “Yes, but…”

My Journey Into HyperDocs I first learned about HyperDocs during the summer of 2020. I don’t always set out to learn about every new digital tool or practice I read about, but HyperDocs was generating enough conversation– especially for something that’s been around since 2013– that I became curious. I heard a range of opinions, from they’re nothing but gussied-up worksheets, to they’re the promise […]

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Beliefs for Integrating Technology into the English Language Arts Classroom

On a rainy, chilly Friday afternoon, I attended the ORATE (Oregon Association of Teacher Educators), where I gave an overview of NCTE’s (National Council of Teachers of English) recently published position statement, Beliefs for Integrating Technology into the English Language Arts Classroom. The slides from the presentation are below; as of this posting, all the active links are accurate.  

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What Is Connected Learning, Anyway?

Connected Learning? Connected Learning is a term that is bandied about in all kinds of contexts. The more research I do in the area of the Web and its relationship to teaching & learning, the more I see that the concepts associated with the terms often refer to different things. In my area, English Education, for example, several terms appear to be used almost interchangeably: […]

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Curating Our Lives

I recently discovered Scoop.It!, a point-and-click way to collect resources from across the web and share them with others. It’s got the nice appearance of something like  paper.li  and the convenience of Instapaper. But where paper.li appears as an issue, pulling stories from Twitter & FaceBook, Scoop.it pulls from news feeds, blogs, and other sources, plus it’s always available– the “scoops” just scroll down and […]

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PD as High-Wire Routine, Part 2 (Y’All Come Now, You Hear?)

So. We have the bare bones technical details ironed out. We think. 😉 Here’s our FAQ. EC NING WEBSTITUTE III Reading Classic and YA Texts with Students FAQ! Links to Session Descriptions & Discussion Forums MONDAY July 11 4-5 pm EDT  Teresa Bunner Balancing the Literary Scales Taking place on Adobe Connect 5-6 pm EDT  Young Adult Lit SuperPanel Taking place on Adobe Connect 6-7 […]

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What’s the Buzz: Collaboration

Buzzwords abound when we talk about teaching and learning in this era of new literacies. Collaboration is one of the big ones. “They” say that the ability to collaborate is one of the essential skills the children in our information-rich, social software-enabled world will need in order to fully participate. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture is one report that offers compelling arguments in support […]

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