Learn. Make. Watch. Why? A Response In Two Parts

I. I’m learning that when a glorious day comes in Portland OR,  you drop everything and head outside. Saturday was one of those days: azure sky, crisp spring air, new leaves bouncing in a light breeze. Me,  I headed indoors and spent my afternoon in a dark, windowless space, staring at a screen. I had snagged one of the 20 spots in a workshop at The Northwest Film Center […]

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#SOL17: In Which I See The Obvious

I miss my desk. I miss my books. I think I miss my books more. For two months, my things have sat in storage, waiting to be summoned to the new house. Poor house, with its listing foundation pillars and rotted sill plates, its mold-infested basement and muddy crawlspaces, its sewer conjoined illegally to the neighbors’, its cracked ductwork with traces of unmentionable inhabitants. It […]

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#SOL17: W&GOT, an Alt-LOL Exploration

What is W&GOT? In this newly alt-world, it’s my alt-LOL; it stands for Wailing and Gnashing Of Teeth. Because in a stunning frenzy of whatever-the-f$%k-you-want-to-call-it, Betsy DeVos has made it out of committee and is headed to a confirmation vote by the full Senate. It was, by all accounts, procedural insanity at its finest. Here’s how NPR education reporter Cory Turner summed it up– apologies […]

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#SOL17: “In a house of this age….”

My husband and I spent about five hours yesterday in the inspection of a 90 year-old house, the house we are hoping to buy to begin the next part of our life adventure. If we heard it once, we heard it a dozen times: “In house of this age…”; “In a house this old….”; “It’s what you would expect in a house…” etc. The house is yellow […]

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#SOL17: Talk Less

“Talk less. Smile more….” For those of you not as obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton as I’ve been, this is the advice Aaron Burr gives Hamilton early in the play. I’m not giving anything away if I say this advice doesn’t work out so well for Burr in the end. But it is good advice for me, in this hour, on this day. Silence is a way […]

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#SOL17: Can You Hear Me Now?

Every gym has its own culture. Here, in this northwest city where my husband and I will soon resettle, we signed up for a trial two-week gym membership near our Airbnb. My view of the gym’s culture came into focus from the seat of my stationary bike. Sometimes it seems like a young city. Portland, I mean. Maybe it’s that our daughter lives here and we’ve come […]

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