On Dissertation Hiatus

See you soon….

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Othello Uptown

In the final session during the recent English Companion Ning Webstitute on reading classic and YA lit with students, Jennie asked me to revisit the wonderful work of one of my student teachers. The place: A middle school in one of the northern-most neighborhoods of Manhattan, largely Latino, failing. (Funny how many so-called “failing” schools in NYC are in poor and or largely minority neighborhoods.) […]

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Take Care of Our Kids

Today I learned that three young people died in our town over the weekend. One, a 19 year old young man, was a suicide. The other young man and woman who died were in their early twenties. The cause of their deaths isn’t officially known yet; the young woman’s mother found them at home with heroin paraphernalia scattered around the room. “We have some serious […]

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Holy Digital Footprint, Batman!

I’ve always taken for granted the idea that each of us has a digital footprint that lingers long after we’ve moved on. I once read a comment by dana boyd, where, thinking about a time she was asked if she regrets having online so much of her teen-age blogging, she wrote that she didn’t. It was a part of her past, and why should she […]

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The Power of the Follow

If it’s #followfriday (#ff), this must be Twitter. #followfriday is when folks who Tweet list names of folks they think other Tweeters might want to follow. This custom has a sweet history.  Michah Baldwin, the originator,  says, It wasnt hard for people to suggest folks to follow, because everyone has people they follow that they find interesting, insightful, funny, intelligent or whatever it is that […]

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