Holy Digital Footprint, Batman!

I’ve always taken for granted the idea that each of us has a digital footprint that lingers long after we’ve moved on.

I once read a comment by dana boyd, where, thinking about a time she was asked if she regrets having online so much of her teen-age blogging, she wrote that she didn’t. It was a part of her past, and why should she feel embarrassed by the fact that she’d once been a teenager? I admired that stance as an example of the culture of openness and transparency that characterized the early Web, and I still think about her comment, probably because I’m not sure I could say the same thing, were I in her position.

A few weeks ago, I had a digital footprint AHA via Twitter. It still makes me grin. I think it has potential as a cautionary tale. And I like that it’s pushing my thinking about matters of transparency and openness regarding my Web presence.

Here’s the sequence of events. Please note the starting date is 2010.

March 6, 2010 I attend TEDxNYED 2010 and tweet  throughout the day.  In one of my tweets, I wonder what kind of PD students would want their teachers to have. I notice my tweet is RT (retweeted) a couple of times– it’s nice to think my musing struck a chord with others.

One year passes

March 3, 2011 Digital Media and Learning Conference (#DML2011) opens in Long Beach CA.  My Twitter buddies, @amichetti and @savasavasava  attend.  I do not, although I am interested to follow tweets emerging from the conference.

March 4, 2011 I’m having a busy day and don’t get to Twitter until afternoon. I use Tweetdeck; one of the columns I’ve kept is Mentions, which includes any tweets where I’m (duh) mentioned. Look what I find:

March 4, 2011 18:10

@amichetti tweets

@amichetti tweets

March 4, 2011 18:11

@amichetti tweets, with link


March 4, 2011 18:12

@savasavasava RT @amichetti

@savasavasava RT @amichetti

What is the link? A picture @amichetti has taken of the opening slide of the #DML2011 session she and @savasavasava are attending.

A picture of my 2010 Tweet from TEDXNYED


If you know someone who dismisses the idea of a “digital footprint,” you might suggest that she or he think again.


One response to “Holy Digital Footprint, Batman!”

  1. Clix says:

    And then there are some of us whose digital footprints look like this…

    …or at least we hope they do! ;D

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