Why the Title?

I used to think things changed because of some one — a great leader for example– or some thing, such as a great deed or a brilliant idea. I used to think change started with someone else.

Then I had the chance to work with teachers in some under-served urban schools. They taught me that it’s the small moments that matter. An idea shared, a little joke, encouragement to try again. Throw a pebble into water and watch the ripples spread. If everyone throws a pebble, the ripples collide, make waves. The shore is changed.

zen rock
Somehow we don’t see this. Maybe we’re just going through our days. Maybe we’re waiting for the leader or the great idea to appear. Maybe we’re so steeped in the old adage, “once you close the door to your classroom, nobody knows what you’re doing,” that we don’t consider ourselves to be agents of change.

Or, maybe we just need an invitation.

I hope you’ll join me here, to think about what we’re experiencing, what we can change– including our own mindsets about what’s possible. I hope you’ll join me here to dream.

No matter what your inclination, I know one thing. If there were ever a time when we need all hands on deck, this is it.

Thank you for reading. I welcome your thoughts!


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One response to “Why the Title?”

  1. Jim Burke says:

    This is a thoughtful post about an important subject, Karen. Education is so important and yet people, as you say, shudder and wonder why anyone would want to do it. To me it seems like going out among the passengers on a 747 that is streaking across the open sky heading toward a big city (i.e., our society) and asking if anyone can fly it, take the controls. No one wants to. Oh it’s so difficult, they say! And so what happens to a society that does not accept responsibility for its schools, its young, itself?

    I’m hopeful, however. There is a spirit within our country that can awaken. Though I have many reservations about TFA, people are joining in record numbers (for two years, though, not a career).

    It’s great to see you bloggin’ away and I look forward to your future posts.

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