PD as High-Wire Routine, Part 2 (Y’All Come Now, You Hear?)

So. We have the bare bones technical details ironed out. We think. 😉

Here’s our FAQ.


Reading Classic and YA Texts with Students


Links to Session Descriptions & Discussion Forums

MONDAY July 11

4-5 pm EDT  Teresa Bunner Balancing the Literary Scales Taking place on Adobe Connect

5-6 pm EDT  Young Adult Lit SuperPanel Taking place on Adobe Connect

6-7 pm EDT  Tom Liam Lynch Reading Bytes Taking place on Adobe Connect


4-5 pm EDT  Glenda Funk Twice-told Tales and Old Odd Ends Taking place on the EC Ning

5-6 pm EDT Teri Lesesne Taking place on the EC Ning

6-7 pm EDT  Everyone! Bring your best stuff! Taking place on Adobe Connect

All times are EDT; convert to your time zone here

What happens?

  • At the time of the session, report to the session venue.
  • Participate!
    • A couple of the sessions have materials to preview and think about beforehand. Please check each of the groups today and early on the days of the Webstitute.

What can I expect in the Adobe room?

  • You will not have to do anything but sign in to the Adobe room, using the link that will be posted in the Webstitute Ning Group shortly before the session time.
  • Once you sign in, all you have to do is sit back and relax! The entire session will occur on your computer screen.
  • Each Adobe session will begin with a brief orientation to the room.
  • In each session, an active Chat window will be moderated by one of the ECN team members. Think of the chat as an ongoing instant message conversation with a group. Feel free to say hi, where you’re from, and to ask questions or comment during the presentation.
  • If a presenter plans a format for Q&A or comments, you will be able to do so, using one of the following ways: 1) by typing into the Chat Box that will be running throughout the session, 2) by raising your hand in the room (you’ll do this by clicking on an icon next to your name in the Adobe room) & being called on by the moderator, or, 3) by using a special Q&A box. The format will be up to the presenter.
  • (If you think you might want to experiment with option 2, you’ll need a mic. If your computer has a built-in mic, that’s great. But PLEASE use a set of headphones or earbuds as you listen. This cuts out reverberations for everyone else.
  • There is always the option for discussion to continue on the Ning after the session has ended.
  • Our intention is to post videos from each session to the Ning as soon as possible.

What can I expect in a discussion here on the Ning?

  • You’ll find a discussion forum for each of the mini-sessions.
  • Presenters may have prepared materials that will be posted to their discussion. You’ll get the greatest benefit from the session if you look at these materials beforehand.
  • On or near the posted starting time for their session, the presenter will be paying attention to the comments and questions that people post, encouraging folks to respond to each other, as well as responding themselves. You may want to refresh your page to make sure you’re seeing the latest posts.
  • Please note: The order in which the discussions are listed will change based on the action in the discussion groups.

What if I still have questions?

If they’re about technical aspects about Adobe, we’d ask for your patience just a bit longer– it’s in development! For all other questions, email us at ecning@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for remembering that this is an all-volunteer adventure. We always approach a Webstitute with high standards for ourselves and high hopes that what occurs is valuable to you. And, we try to remember that  with risk taking and experimenting may come spectacular glitches. (Our last-minute change in our online venue serves as a case-in-point.)  So, thank you for your positive comments and energy, your ongoing support, and for joining in on our on-going experiment in teacher-organized online PD.

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