Slice of Life: A Small Green Tea Set

 The authors of the  Two Writing Teachers  blog  hold a weekly challenge that is pretty much exactly what the name of the challenge implies. I’m diving in. Here are the details:

 A Slice is a little segment of your day…..Every Tuesday there will be a post on the Two Writing Teachers main page where you can link your Slice of Life story post and read other people’s Slice of Life stories.  All you have to do is leave the link to your SOL story blog post as a comment inside of that Tuesday’s post.

I’m clearing out my daughter’s room. She left for college eight years ago, went into a job after graduation. She lives on the West coast far from what is no longer what she considers home. We’ve Face-timed several times to go through books, clothes, mementos, little stuff that accumulated because she loved it. It’s the stuff she, anyone, keeps because it’s faded into the background and you don’t really see it any more.  But it holds you in place, anchors you to the path you’ve travelled that makes you, you.

On the otherwise empty white shelves in her closet is a small green tea set, a kachina doll, a native American flute, a small Hopi ceramic pot. She doesn’t want them. I don’t either, not really. But there they sit. I’m holding on to them for someone I don’t know yet. I’m  imagining another girl, eight or nine years old, who may fall on these with a delight that surprises her mother. The surprise would not be at the nature of the items, but at the realization the child has already been making a private life.

Mostly I was OK each time I realized how my girl’s private life was growing– I’ve always believed my job was to prepare her to leave us. Now these little things are markers in my own life. I’m keeping them on the shelf a little while longer before I put them in the pile for the tag sale. When I walked into her room this morning I saw them on the shelf and I smiled.



6 responses to “Slice of Life: A Small Green Tea Set”

  1. Letting go of our babies is really tough. Even after we have set them free, it is still difficult to let go of some of the physical reminders of their time with us. I would keep those little trinkets awhile longer too!

  2. Your closing made me catch my breath. I have a room to clear out, too. I keep thinking that the energy to do it will suddenly arrive…but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe soon.

  3. Ellen says:

    My eyes are welled up with tears. So often I beat myself up for the things I’ve kept (and let go). You are so right about that next little girl. She is out there hoping you’ll save those trinkets.

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