#SOL16: Dogs in the TSA Line

I love when little dogs and their people stand behind me in the TSA line. Especially when their person is holding them. This morning it was Hudson, a sweet mix of poodle and Australian something-or-other. Her little nose was light pink and freckled and she wriggled all over when I rubbed behind her ears.

It’s simpler to think about little dogs before this flight. Not only because of the usual up-early-shower-in-a-cold-house routine that precedes a flight. Not because we’re traveling to the left coast to be with family for the holidays, either. This time, we’re getting ready to move there.

This is Gibson. He travels happily under the middle seat. The farthest he’s traveled is 7 hours in the cabin to Ireland where he lived for 3 months. He visited London, Portugal, Amsterdam while he was there. The highlight for him was the beach– he’s from Texas and there’s not much beach where he lives.

First thing tomorrow we meet with a realtor. The past weeks have been a blur of getting our own house ready for the market. Painting, carpet, selling furniture, giving stuff away on Freecycle. It takes space in your head. Today, merging onto the highway in the dark, I realized that being buckled into a seat for many hours means the new will seep in. I welcome the prospect. It’s not like we haven’t been talking, thinking about it– our past months have been filled with events we’ve dubbed the “Farewell Tour.” It’s that finally, after all the anticipation, we’re stepping onto the new road.

Gibson’s people are taking him for a little walk before we board. He’s excited by all the new smells. I wonder if dogs miss the smells of their favorite trees? I try to imagine what smells I would miss.

Soon it will be time to board.





6 responses to “#SOL16: Dogs in the TSA Line”

  1. Good luck to you on your new life. Interesting to have dogs on planes in seats. I haven’t had that experience yet. But even tougher would be to board and plane and move to a new place.
    Keep us posted and enjoy the holidays in your new space.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Bonnie. I’ve got a real sense of going home, so the farewell is a hello, too. My husband calls it bittersweet. A perfect word, don’t you think?

  2. What a sweet puppy! You described him so well! Also good luck on your move. Moving can be such a headache.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Welcome to the left coast! I have a friend who frequently dies with two dogs. She buys two seats for her and the two dogs. That way each of the girls spends some time under the seat in front of her and some time on the seat beside her.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for the welcome. Gotta love autocorrect– I’m pretty sure they’re not dying, and wow– an extra seat for dogs? That’s commitment!

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