#SOL17: W&GOT, an Alt-LOL Exploration

What is W&GOT? In this newly alt-world, it’s my alt-LOL; it stands for Wailing and Gnashing Of Teeth. Because in a stunning frenzy of whatever-the-f$%k-you-want-to-call-it, Betsy DeVos has made it out of committee and is headed to a confirmation vote by the full Senate. It was, by all accounts, procedural insanity at its finest. Here’s how NPR education reporter Cory Turner summed it up– apologies […]

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Action Report #5: Self-Care for the Resistance

It’s been a tough week for action. My husband and I flew to our new city for an inspection on our (we hope) new house the Sunday after the Women’s March on NYC. While we were there, I learned, among other things, that it is hard to call east coast legislators from a west coast time zone– by the time I was ready to call, offices had been […]

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#SOL17: Talk Less

“Talk less. Smile more….” For those of you not as obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton as I’ve been, this is the advice Aaron Burr gives Hamilton early in the play. I’m not giving anything away if I say this advice doesn’t work out so well for Burr in the end. But it is good advice for me, in this hour, on this day. Silence is a way […]

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Action Report #4: Facts Don’t Matter. Shift the Frame!

The Personal, the Political The most important personal-political action I’ve taken in the past two weeks is to read George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate. Lakoff, a cognitive scientist and linguist, has spent a lifetime studying how our brains construct meaning. Lakoff argues that progressive folks keep turning to facts to argue against the swelling conservative movement and facts don’t matter. What […]

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Post-election Action Report #3 : Got Hope?

As January 20 looms, I feel increasingly grim. I believe, I know individual action makes change possible. I just don’t have much hope that there’s going to be an outcome I feel good about. But when the pall of grimness sets in, it’s important to wade in, get to know exactly what’s generating the bleak fog. This week, I know part of the grimness is due […]

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Post-election Action Report #2

Say you’ve decided to stand up for what you believe on a regular basis. How’s it going? Me, I’m finding that it is very easy for my good intentions to slide right down the road to the Dark Place. The frightening news just keeps rolling out. I joked last week that the only way I watch the news now is at the gym. There, the TVs […]

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