The Believing-ness of Why

I am a teacher educator. Because I’m a doc student and our certification program is a Master’s level Teaching of English (high school writing and literature) program, I can be teaching people who are already in their own classrooms, or people who have never taught but will leave our program and begin teaching. One of my super-favorite courses to teach is Literacies and Technologies in the […]

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Kool-Aid & the Worlds Online

Terry Elliott’s post of 9/18, Outsiders in Academe: Iconoclasty 101, got me thinking, so much so that when I left a comment on his post, I realized it was probably more appropriate as a post for my blog. I’ve added a few things for clarity, but what appears below is for the most part what I wrote to him. ————————- Terry wrote “In his latest book, […]

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Why I Teach

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Rant Alert: Problems with Internet Access Are Mental Too

I was in a meeting today about a youth program I’m helping develop. I needed to take some notes, so I pulled out my phone, brought up my favorite note-taking app, and starting typing away. Somebody leaned over and smirked, “That’s right, practice being a role model for the kids.” I went from calm to infuriated in about two seconds. I had to leave the meeting […]

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What Is Connected Learning, Anyway?

Connected Learning? Connected Learning is a term that is bandied about in all kinds of contexts. The more research I do in the area of the Web and its relationship to teaching & learning, the more I see that the concepts associated with the terms often refer to different things. In my area, English Education, for example, several terms appear to be used almost interchangeably: […]

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Coming Clean: What I Wonder About MOOCs

I’m enjoying reading blog posts about people’s open classrooms, how they’re using technologies in their classes, how the technologies are supporting all kinds of new connections. I like seeing the kinds of things people are learning and questioning about teaching in higher ed. I’m enjoying seeing the enthusiasm for Connected Courses on Twitter. But, I wonder sometimes, about things like how the excited reunions on […]

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