Musing about MOOCs

The two MOOCs I’ve played with in the last two weeks couldn’t be more different. #Change 11‘s 1,000+ participants puts the Massive in MOOC, making Alec Couros’ EC&I 831, with 31 credit students and 131 non-credit students, feel positively cozy. #Change 11 is loosely structured; participants are directed to create a Web presence, tag all their Web documents, and find kindred spirits. E&C 831 is […]

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Entering #Change11

I’m going to use my blog as my primary location for my participating in the #change11 MOOC. My intention is to write weekly, reflecting on whatever’s come up on (in? with?) the MOOC and however that ties in to what I’m thinking about that week. One of the reasons I want to use my blog is that I’ve been thinking for a long time about […]

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#Change11 MOOC: Top Ten (11?) First Impressions

I learned about the #change 11 MOOC from Twitter and decided to give it a try. A MOOC is a “massive open online course,” a loose learning network, and  an experiment to answer critical questions: “How does learning change when formal boundaries are reduced? What is the future of learning? What role with educators play in this future? What types of institutions does society need […]

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