Remix Redux: Thoughts During #CLMOOC Break

It’s break week at CLMOOC, a great chance to take stock of what I’ve been thinking about. Turns out it’s a lot. Review So much great discussion took place after the CLMOOC Remix activity last week. There were active Twitter discussions that spilled into the Thursday Twitter chat (curated here) blog posts (mine, Susan van Gelder’s, Kevin Hodgson’s, and probably others I missed), and @NomadWarMachine’s Storify that summed up […]

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Pondering Remix: A #CLMOOC Reflection

This is Make Cycle #2 in the summer 2016 CLMOOC experience. The theme is connecting through reciprocation and appreciation of one another’s work, artistry, humanity, trials & errors, etc. “Everyone wants an encouraging audience for their work! How do we actively “listen” to others in digital spaces? How can we invite more connections? How can you honor the work of another? How can you show that […]

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Unexpected Smiles: A #CLMOOC Reflection

Beginning I’m trying a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This one is CLMOOC, Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration, the offspring of the National Writing Project’s past summer MOOCishness. It’s facilitated by a group of NWP-experienced and MOOC-solid volunteers. My track record with MOOCs is pretty dismal. I dive in with the rest of the mob but typically, within a couple of of weeks, I […]

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Banish the Expert

I finished my doctorate. (Finally.) I’ve taken about two months to decompress– made a big new perennial garden, broken in a new bicycle– and now I’m easing in to the realm of What’s Next? The plan this summer is to banish the Expert from my life on the interwebz. That Expert being me, of course. Spend enough time working, researching, reading, teaching in academe and […]

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