Othello Uptown

In the final session during the recent English Companion Ning Webstitute on reading classic and YA lit with students, Jennie asked me to revisit the wonderful work of one of my student teachers. The place: A middle school in one of the northern-most neighborhoods of Manhattan, largely Latino, failing. (Funny how many so-called “failing” schools in NYC are in poor and or largely minority neighborhoods.) […]

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PD as High-Wire Routine, Part 2 (Y’All Come Now, You Hear?)

So. We have the bare bones technical details ironed out. We think. 😉 Here’s our FAQ. EC NING WEBSTITUTE III Reading Classic and YA Texts with Students FAQ! Links to Session Descriptions & Discussion Forums MONDAY July 11 4-5 pm EDT  Teresa Bunner Balancing the Literary Scales Taking place on Adobe Connect 5-6 pm EDT  Young Adult Lit SuperPanel Taking place on Adobe Connect 6-7 […]

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Professional Development as High Wire Routine: The EC Ning’s Third Webstitute

Call it a hunch. With 110+ people signed up to participate in The English Companion Ning’s third Webstitute, our version of an online professional development conference, it struck me that it would be smart to just double check that the free webinar space was functioning as always. I must have known. Why else would I just roll my eyes when I saw that Elluminate, the […]

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