Google Docs & the Re-Making of the World

The second gathering of the Sunday Salon took place on Sunday at 4:00 p.m., instead of directly following worship. There were far fewer attendees this time; I chalked that up to an unusual-for-the Pacific-Northwest sunny-ish afternoon. (Here, even partial sunshine during the rainy season is enough to inspire people to get outside. This is especially bothersome when one is attempting a house remodel and the […]

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Where Does News Live?

Her nails are always perfect. She uses clear polish so you don’t always notice them. Until she starts tapping the cell phone sitting on the table between you. Then you notice the perfect shape, the perfect cuticles. Today her perfect index finger jabs at the phone. “I think I am the only person who still reads a real newspaper,” she says. “Now it’s all in […]

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How The Interwebz Helped Bring Donald Trump To Power

Go with me here. This is no typical political analysis. Rather, it’s a journey through some of the deep– and invisible– changes in society triggered, in part, by the development of communications technologies. Specifically, the internet. And, while it appears to be about Donald Trump, I believe it goes a long way toward explaining educator resistance to bringing technologies– and the related dispositions– into the […]

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Fear-Mongering Is NOT an Instructional Strategy

Room 2001 has some good stuff going on. I know because I spent a little time visiting their blog recently, to learn more about their work with a Fox News meteorologist who was having some trouble with his graphs. The page read, “Last night on Fox 11, the meteorologist presented two graphs to the viewers displaying different sets of data about upcoming weather. Analyze the pictures […]

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