Writer’s Notebook on Steroids

I was sitting with my notebook this morning, relishing the heft of my favorite pen. Me, the passionate digital writer and reader, the enthusiast for the transformative teaching and learning possibilities the web offers us– forget all that. This morning, it was all about the pen. Its shiny gold-colored clip. The cool, smooth barrel and the way it sat perfectly against the nubbin of my […]

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Learn. Make. Watch. Why? A Response In Two Parts

I. I’m learning that when a glorious day comes in Portland OR,  you drop everything and head outside. Saturday was one of those days: azure sky, crisp spring air, new leaves bouncing in a light breeze. Me,  I headed indoors and spent my afternoon in a dark, windowless space, staring at a screen. I had snagged one of the 20 spots in a workshop at The Northwest Film Center […]

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Hacking a Construction Site

I had a meeting in Manhattan yesterday. It was a great autumn day to stroll along West 122nd St. Naturally, there’s ongoing construction; I passed the pit where an apartment building once stood. Workers were busily erecting the large board fences to keep gawkers and other nefarious people out. The dark green boards were pristine except for the stenciled white command to “Post No Bills.” The […]

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Unexpected Smiles: A #CLMOOC Reflection

Beginning I’m trying a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This one is CLMOOC, Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration, the offspring of the National Writing Project’s past summer MOOCishness. It’s facilitated by a group of NWP-experienced and MOOC-solid volunteers. My track record with MOOCs is pretty dismal. I dive in with the rest of the mob but typically, within a couple of of weeks, I […]

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