When An Hour Lasts Forever

Along the edges of the room sat five or six kids who didn’t look up the entire time, or had their hoodies so tightly cinched around their faces only their eyes showed. Another knot of kids chatted loudly as they draped themselves across seats in the back corner of the room. A table to one side held a kid I’d talked to on an earlier […]

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Racism Goes to School

Preface In the time since I began to write this post, racism has been visible in Portland in a number of ways, one horrific enough to make national news. But there have been local incidents too. For example, at the middle school a few blocks away, an 8th grader waiting at a bus stop was harassed with racial slurs. This poster appeared not too far […]

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Some of My Best Friends Are Black

Hanover,  New Hampshire is a quintessential New England town. Ivy-covered brick buildings ring a huge green that is criss-crossed with paved paths. A white steeple pokes up in the distance. But it’s not a real town. The buildings around the green are one small part of the Dartmouth College campus. Shops and restaurants blend into the edge of campus; you can’t really tell where the […]

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When I Learned I Was White

A week ago, I read Jose Vilson’s Educon 2.3 reflection, “#Educon, Edu-Nerds, Chris Lehmann, and A Slice of Race in the 21st Century”. Jose’s post was a powerful reflection on race, told through an anecdote of a conference session he attended. In that session, a participant commented that inquiry-based learning may be great for some kids, but others might need direct instruction. Chris Lehman, principal […]

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Better late than never: Ripples from The Speech

I meant to blog about this closer to The Obama Speech to school children, but… (you know how it is). The teacher who blogs at Class Antics asked her 9th grade students to write letters of response to Obama. 08:33 pm – “Miss, My Shit is TOUCHING!” A letter one of my students wrote in response to Obama’s back-to-school speech that we watched today in […]

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