“Writing Across the Disciplines” in the Common Core Standards: No Catchy Title Can Capture My Dismay

  Our tenuous post-storm electric and internet connectivity kept me from being able to express some of my concerns and questions in our P2PUsession Tuesday night, so I am bringing them here. To so many people, the idea of every school striving toward the same objectives sounds like such a good one. To many, the idea that every student, every teacher, is working toward the […]

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Reforming the Start of the School Year

It’s the start of a new school year! Teacher energy is high. Administrators are keenly focused on supporting their teachers to get off on a great start. Unless you’re the English teacher in this situation. I’ll call her Randi. Randi is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with fifteen-plus teaching years under her belt. She moved to a new school four years ago and, once again, […]

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Some of My Best Friends Are Black

Hanover,  New Hampshire is a quintessential New England town. Ivy-covered brick buildings ring a huge green that is criss-crossed with paved paths. A white steeple pokes up in the distance. But it’s not a real town. The buildings around the green are one small part of the Dartmouth College campus. Shops and restaurants blend into the edge of campus; you can’t really tell where the […]

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Conflicts of Interest? [Sigh]

In the dream world of Arne Duncan et. al., it’s possible to measure learning because learning =  Important Stuff You Know and the  number of Important Things can be counted. All you have to do is look on sheets of paper to see how many black dots are in the correct rows. And don’t worry superintendents and principals– there are plenty of materials to help […]

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